Change your life!

How to develop an overall fitness plan in just 30 days. These books propose three approaches: Yoga, Pilates and Stretching.
Each book teaches basic yoga, pilates or stretching poses, building suppleness and strength with 15–30-minute daily practise sessions
Our 30-day approach provides an achieveable plan, showing readers how to put the poses together day after day to relieve stress, trim waistlines and improve overall health
Each book features three people of different ages, one in their late teens, one mid-30s, and one in their 50s. Shows how exercise can help specific problems at every age.

Extent: 192 pages
Trim: 233 x 215 mm (9 x 8½ in)
Binding: Softcover with 100mm flaps, mall lam + spot UV
Words: Approx. 30,000