The special tin can package, complete with a tiny handle at the top, will distinguish this book from its rivals.
A cotton tea towel with olive-branch decoration enriches the offer making “Olive Oil” the perfect gift book.

Italian oil expert and journalist Davide Ferrantino tells the story of olive oil, from its origins in the ancient Mediterranean to its current mythic status as a health food and optimum source of fat.

Also includes information on tasting, buying, storing and cooking with olive oil. Food writer Serena Tulliani presents 50 of her favourite recipes made using olive oil.

  • an international overview of olive oil and all the main oil-producing areas around the world
  • 50 recipes for authentic dishes based on olive oil from Italy, southern France, Spain, Greece as well as California and other oil-producing areas in the New World
  • beautifully illustrated with more than 100 colour photographs
  • the book is packaged in a tin can inspired by traditional olive oil cans from the Mediterranean
Author: Carla Bardi - Davide Ferrantino
Photography: R&R Photostudio; Brent Parker Jones

144 pages
140 x 170 mm (51⁄2 x 61⁄2 in)
Full colour
Hardback, packed in a metal can along with a cotton tea towel
Approx. 25,000 words