Dear Customer,

Nextquisite Ltd, a London-based co-edition publisher, launched its first publications (as Florence, Italy-based McRae Books) in 1994. Since then we have packaged and published over 500 titles. Our books fall into diverse categories, including a line of cookbooks that range in scope from traditional to book plus, from square to round, and from lilliputian to encyclopaedic; an extensive list of illustrated non-fiction for children, as well as an expanding programme of titles on history and fine art. Innovation, quality, affordable prices is what characterizes our production.

Sustained growth has upheld our preferred work method. As co-edition publishers we manage the entire editorial process from initial concept to delivery of bound books, leaving you, the Publishers, to manage distribution into your markets. We develop our own ideas in-house and with the help of talented freelance authors and editors, specialised illustrators and skilled photographers, and our own resourceful researchers and designers, our books take their distinctive shape. The books themselves are manufactured by high quality printers located all over the world using the latest technologies. Delivering finished books, on time, to the port nearest your warehouse is our top priority.

Every year we look forward to meeting publishers at the major book fairs (Frankfurt, BookExpo, London, and Bologna) and we hope that this catalogue will help you to get to know Nextquisite better and to enrich your own publishing programme. Our objective at Nextquisite is to produce exciting, affordable, high quality, on-time titles. We always aspire to enter into long lasting relationships with our customers, and to establish partnerships that are built on confidence and mutual success.

We look forward to answering you enquiries,

Anne McRae
Marco Nardi