A first art book for girls aged 7 and up. In this book we begin by discussing beauty and how ideas have changed over the centuries about what is beautiful—and also how much they have stayed the same. Then we examine famous pictures and sculptures by theme, looking in one at how girls have been painted and sculpted, in others how women and girls have dressed, worn their hair or nails, what jewellery they have chosen, or what pets they have been depicted with.

  • gorgeous illustrations and a highly visual approach
  • designed to appeal to young readers, with gatefolds, pull the tabs, lift-ups and little booklets
  • making art relevant for another generation

32 pages
300 x 254 mm (12 x 10 in)
4 gatefolds, 3 booklets,
4 lift-ups, 3 pull tabs,
1 simple pop-up + 1 poster
Approx. 4,000 words

Titles in series Art for Young Connoisseurs:

First art books for boys and girls aged 7 and up.