First words

With 80 flaps to lift in each one, these delightful boardbooks are packed with fun and surprises.
Each double-page spread has ten flaps to lift, plus fun things for toddlers to do and say
These books encourage pre-readers to begin naming objects and recognising words, giving them the confidence they need to start reading
Designed to be read with an adult or older sibling, there are lots of questions to answer and surprises to discover, encouraging young children to engage with books and to talk
Charming illustrations in bold colours by Canadian illustrator Steve Mack

Illustrations: Steve Mack

Extent: 16 pages + cover
Trim: 276 x 216 mm (81⁄2 x 103⁄4 in)
Binding: Boardbook + 3mm foam
Words: Approx. 200

Titles in series Board books:

Lif-the-flap board books