Hours of fun

These books challenge the young reader to learn about the world using a fun question and answer format. Ideal for hungry young minds on long journeys and school holidays.
* These light-hearted quizz books are designed to test young reader’s general knowledge using a fun selection of multiple choice questions, true and false statements and missing words
* An intriguing approach to history from the grass roots up
* Delightful illustrations by Italian illustrator Daniel de Luca

Extent 96 pages
Trim 148 x 210 mm (81⁄2 x 103⁄4 in)
Binding Paperback with flaps
Words Approx. 7,500
Age Level 5+
Series Titles
1. Animals (November 2018)
2. World (November 2018)
3. History (November 2018)
4. Travel (November 2018)