More than 60 mouthwatering recipes from around the world

Travel the world in your own kitchen!
Features more than 60 recipes from every corner of the globe.
Recreate the dishes you have enjoyed on your travels and try new ones from places you have only dreamed about.
Dazzle your friends and family with these authentic recipes

Author: Rachael Lane
Photography: Brent Parker Jones

Extent: 160 pages
Trim: 160 x 105 mm (4 x 61⁄4 in)
Binding: Metallic
Text 4/4 throughout
Cover 4/0 on metal
Words: Approx. 17,000
Notes: Unique binding with an elegant retro touch

Titles in series Food Metal Jacket:

On-trend books with more than 70 recipes bound into elegant metal jackets.
Series Titles
1) Classic Cocktails (available now)
2) Street Food (available now)
3) Pub Food (August 2015)
4) Chocolate (August 2015)
5) Bready Things (August 2015)
6) Olive Oil (August 2015)
7) Cookies (February 2016)
8) Pasta (February 2016)
9) Drink Me (February 2016)
10) Cool Food (February 2016)