Stunningly packaged with gold foil and debossing.
Every recipe gorgeously illustrated with a colour photograph.

More than 200 irresistible ideas for cooking and baking with chocolate. Amazing photography, packaging and design, plus recipes that everyday cooks can actually make at home. From truffles and fudge to cookies, brownies and cakes and from mousses and soufflés to pastries, sauces and drinks. YUMMY!

  • the introduction includes a brief history of chocolate, as well as plenty of practical information on types of chocolate, deciphering labels, storing chocolate, cocoa powder and when to use it, and more. Includes a choco-glossary
  • detailed visual panels throughout show all the key chocolate techniques, from melting to making curls and decorating
  • scrumptious recipes include instructions for beautiful presentation within the reach of home cooks
  • very visual, completely practical
Author: Linda Fairley
Photography: Brent Parker Jones

416 pages
254 x 210 mm (81⁄4 x 10 in)
200 stunning photographs
Hardback with jacket
Approx. 60,000 words

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