The Silver Book of Desserts
Here you will find more than 250 delectable dessert ideas, from flans, custards, mousses, trifles, charlottes, ice creams and meringues to layer cakes and rolls, pies, tarts, puddings, souffles, crepes, and fritters.
• the complete book of desserts
• over 250 recipes chosen from cooking traditions around the world
• includes step-by-step sequences explaining basic techniques

Author: Rachael Lane, Carla Bardi
Photography: Studio R&R

704 pages
212 x 160 mm (81⁄3 x 61⁄3 in)
Over 300 stunning photographs in each book
Hardback, gilded edges, golden foil belly-jacket, ribbon marker
Approx. 100,000 words

Titles in series The Golden Books:

Rich, precious, definitive, the successful titles in the Golden Book series offer a large array of delicious recipes, step-by-step techniques, in a set of splendid photographies.