Delicious, nutritious, tempting recipes for every occasion. More than 140 ideas for chocolate dishes. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful color photograph, showing exactly how the finished dish will look. Health experts agree that eating moderate amounts of chocolate on a regular basis can be good for your health. Chocolate is a natural product and is rich in antioxidants called flavonoids that are believed to help protect against heart disease, as well as improving mood.

With more than 140 recipes for everything from cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, to cakes, pastries, and drinks, Chocolate will inspire you to create delicious dishes for every occasion.

  • Begins with a mouthwatering chapter on cookies and brownies, including recipes for classic Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ultimate Chocolate Brownies.
  • Features a long chapter on cupcakes, cakes, and rolls including recipes for elegant Dobos Torte and festive Snowy Christmas Log.
  • Includes a great selection of pastries, such as Easy Pan au Chocolat, Chocolate Eclairs, and Chocolate Caramel Tartlets, alongside desserts like Chocolate Crème Brûlée, Double Chocolate Cheesecake, and Tiramisù Cake.
Author: Carla Bardi, Ting Morris
Photography: Brent Parker Jones

320 pages
140 wonderful photographs
Softcover with flaps
50,000 words

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High-value, 320-page, 130 plus recipes, modern-looking cookbooks.