Delicious, nutritious, tempting recipes for every occasion. More than 140 ideas for healthy rice meals. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful color photograph, showing exactly how the finished dish will look.

Rice is a staple food for half of humanity, and not without good reason. It is a healthy, nutritious grain, packed with the complex carbohydrates that provide energy and form the basis of every healthy- eating plan. Rice, especially unmilled brown rice, also has useful amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Here you will find more than 140 recipes for rice dishes, from starters, soups and salads, to risottos, paellas, pilafs, and baked dishes. The final chapter, dedicated to desserts, includes six rice puddings, cakes, custards, and even “rice cream.”
◆ Includes a selection of classic dishes, such as Arancini, Milanese Risotto, Paella Valencia Style, Chicken Biryani, and Sushi Rolls.
◆ Features a range of rice soups, salads, risottos, and pilafs that are perfect for family meals and entertaining.
◆ Introduces a host of appealing lesser-known dishes, such as Strawberry Risotto, Chicken & Marsala Risotto, Spinach, Cranberry & Almond Pilaf, Chinese Rice Pudding, and Mochi Ice Cream Balls.
◆ Focuses on healthy dishes that can be prepared easily at home.

Author: Rachael Lane, Carla Bardi
Photography: Studio R&R

320 pages
225 x 185 mm (92⁄3 x 11 in)
Softcover with flaps
Approx. 38,000 words

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