Book + free app.
Stunning artwork

Superbly illustrated with more than 500 animal species, this handsome atlas also features a free app with 100 video clips.

Alternating environments and maps, the atlas features more than 500 animal species showing where they live and some of the more spectacular habitats
Beautifully illustrated by California artist Alexander Vidal
Features a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play
Video clips licensed from National Geographic; superb quality

Illustrations: Alexander Vidal

Extent 48 pages + endpapers
Trim 280 x 280 mm (11 x 11 in)
Binding Hardcover + 3mm foam padding on front cover
Words Approx. 7,500

Video demonstration

Titles in series Live Atlases:

280 x 280 mm
48 pages
Book + app