Celebrating 50 years from first Moon landing

An awesome journey through space. After trips to the Sun and the Moon, we zip across our solar system and galaxy, then on to the origins of the Universe and time itself.
- Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969
- Packed with up-to-the minute info on the Universe and space exploration
- Invites readers to imagine what might happen next as space tourism takes off, people plan to build permanent colonies on Mars and the Moon, and scientists turn their minds to the realities of deep space travel
- Explores concepts like gravity, the speed of light and relativity in ways young readers can grasp
- The app includes 50+ videos from NASA, ESA, ESO, as well as animation to enliven each page
- Charming illustrations by Cape Town creative studio Muti

Illustrations: MUTI

Extent: 48 pages + endpapers
Trim: 280 x 280 mm (11 x 11 in)
Binding: Hardcover + matt lam and spot UV + foil
Words: Approx. 10,000
Age: Level 6+
Notes: book + app
Publication date: May 2019

Titles in series Live Atlases:

280 x 280 mm
48 pages
Book + app