Book + app

This striking atlas shows young readers how animals live in the seas and oceans of our world. Includes an app that animates every page, as well as videos of sea creatures.
* Twenty stunning maps and scenes that bring the oceans to life.
* The book includes one of our trademark apps featuring videos of sea animals but also has the added sparkle of specially animated pages.
* Fabulous illustrations by young Italian illustrator Giulia Quagli

Illustrations: Giulia Quagli

Extent 48 pages + endpapers
Trim 280 x 280 mm (11 x 11 in)
Binding Hardcover + matt lam and spot UV
Words Approx. 10,000
Age Level 6+
Publication date: May 2019

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Titles in series Live Atlases:

280 x 280 mm
48 pages
Book + app