Marc Chagall, painter, printmaker, theater and stained-glass designer, was one of the most prolific artists working in Paris in the early twentieth century. During a time of radical changes in art, with Fauvism, Cubism, and Expressionism, Chagall absorbed all of these but remained unique. He painted a poetic vision of the world, becoming one of the most innovative artists of his time. His distinctive imagery and intense colors became a source of inspiration for generations of artists.

Antony Mason is the author of over 50 books ranging from history, art, and geography for both children and adults. As an author and editor, he specializes in making information readable and accessible for young readers.

Author: Antony Mason

Hardcover and softcover
215 x 285 mm
48 pages
Full colour throughout

Titles in series The Lives of the Artists:

The Lives of the Artists series retraces the lives of some of the greatest and most influential artists of the Western world. Each book focuses on the life and works of one artist and presents a selection of great works that illustrate the artist’s development. Each volume also includes the story of the artist’s personal life and highlights the important social and historical events of the time. Full-color photographic reproductions, detailed time lines, an explanatory glossary, and a comprehensive index make each title an indispensable part of any art library.