Almost everyone loves sausages, although we may hesitate to serve them often because—unless we live next door to a gourmet sausage-maker—we are never really sure what they contain. Are they full of low-quality meat or stuffed with low-cost bread? How many preservatives and colourings have been added? This book solves the problem by providing 58 healthy recipes for sausages that can be made fresh at home using only the finest ingredients.
• the introduction has step-by-step photography showing how to make and stuff sausages
• all the recipes include mouth-watering serving suggestions,
such as apple mash or soft polenta
• includes information on casings, but also leaves you free to make
the sausages as meatballs or burgers (not packed into casings)
• just in time for the summer BBQ season!

Author: Carla Bardi
Photography: Brent Parker Jones

128 pages
280 x 280 mm (11 x 11 in)
58 healthy sausage recipes
Hardback with padded front cover
Approx. 17,000 words

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