Over half a million copies sold!

Here’s something different: all-round cookery books! An amazing new format for books that are exactly the same shape and size as the pizzas, pies, focaccias or quiches you can make following the recipes.

The four books in this series come in two formats: a sturdy, boxed version or a simple hardcover version with a padded front cover.

  • unique, eyecatching packaging in the exact shape of the dishes that can be made using the recipes
  • sturdy, round packaging with box or padded cover protects the book
  • each book features more than 55 scrumptious recipes, including all the classics and many modern recipes
  • step-by-step photography at the beginning of each book, showing the basic doughs and how to prepare and bake them
Author: Carla Bardi
Photography: Brent Parker Jones

128 pages
28 cm (11 in) diameter
Full colour throughout
Hardcover, round shaped
20,000 words

Titles in series Pizza Pie & more (large round books):

A successful series of round-shaped books. Each and every recipe is accompanied by a splendid WYSWYG-picture.